Vintage The Ultimate Recycling.

What better way to do your bit for the planet than by recycling what we already have. Vintage clothing is the ultimate in recycling. It's something that has been happening for hundreds of years, only recently have we been forced into a throwaway world that is so wasteful. Vintage clothing was produced before the throwaway world arrived so it was made to last. It has a unique quality that is sometimes difficult to fined on the high street of the modern world. The quality of fabric and build of the garment means it will survive for many years to come to be put back into the system over and over again to be enjoyed by future generations of Vintage lovers. Of course the added bonus of this is that the item you buy will not only last but will undoubtably be unique so the chance of turning up at that Tea dance or a stroll along the prom to see someone dressed in the same outfit will be virtually imposable.

Hope you enjoy your time with us and find that ultimate Vintage item that's waiting for you.